To reach the cultural traditions and verities heritages of Bangladesh through music, dance, drama and recitation to the regional people. The cultural traditions of our country are an exceptional country. The hard-effort or endeavourer of our committee is to spread the correct cultural radiation inside the youths of society from the superstition and prejudice from the boundary of modernization. The main constitution of our committee is changing trend of national.


This Sub-Committee celebrates the three national days regularly every year. In 2010, Mr. Sultana Shaheed presides over the many charming, pleasant extravaganza ceremonies. Famous musicians Shakil Mahmud, Sabir Nandi and Konok Chapa enjoy regional residents by rendering their music.

Film Star Ferdous has been perfected in various ceremonies at utmost beauty and success in representations one after another. A famous dance-drama is staged under presiding over Md. Shibli and Nipa who are the prominent dancers of Bangladesh. The audiences are astonished by watching this dance-drama.

Also Modern musicians have been flocked in our stage. Kunal, Akhi Alomgir, Didi Anowar, Dinat Ara Munni, Khan Atar Kanna Rumana and many more excellent dancers-parties (of television) have rendered dance many times.

Bangla New Year has been celebrated in domestic-environment. The children of society, wives, middle ages mothers and also oldest grandmothers participate at paved square under our fields’ mango-trees. Herein, we enjoy all our local residents with accelerate enjoyment through Pitha Puli and National Foods’ Fair. All children, boys and girls and youth even aged relatives they all enjoy this recreation ceremony cordially.

All local residents enjoy also the boul-songs of Mr. Mehedi.

For long 8 years we celebrate great three ceremonies successfully every year.

Our team-works are finished with combination of our all members. Specially, Mr. S. R. Shaheed is a radiant personality of this Sub-Committee. We never forget his contribution. At present, Dilruba Chowdhury, Shamim Fatema (Mina), Razia Sultana, Hasmat Ara, Ali Bokhtiar Mahmud and Polin have been cooperating all the while.

Above all, the person who has grows our all successes and beauties his name is Film Star Ferdous.

Our Sub-Committee had started a music class for youngest local children. Unfortunately, in lack of local cooperation we were bound to close the school. For dance and music were two teachers and one Tobla-ringer. The committee fails to bear extra-expenditure of this organization so we bound to close it.

The members who were in our sub-committee and who are at present, all they were with us by giving financial assistances personally for successes of this committee by giving their great valuable times and have succeeded our ceremony. I convey my hearted greetings all those.

Above all, I convey thanks to our Committee’s President Major General (Retired) Abul Hafiz Mallik and Secretary Lt. Colonel (Retired) Helal Uddin Ahmed. As we have obtained cooperation and help form them therefore we have been able to enrich our sub-committee obviously.