A sound Security system is crucial for safe living and crime free community. The community also needs a good Traffic discipline for accident free roads.The subject Sub Committee assist the Executive Committee in maintaining a secured and crime free environment of Banani DOHS community. The committee also adopts measures for good Traffic discipline of the community as per the advice of Executive Body.


• Provide Security, Traffic control and other Risk management measures.
• Update the Security and Traffic plans as advised by the Executive Committee.
• Supervise the duties and responsibilities of Security Guards.
• Keep eyes on Drug Peddlers and users to curve their activities fully.
• Maintain Traffic discipline by posting security guards and adequate traffic signage post and Banners.
• Watch on any External threats on security of the community.
• Checking and monitoring gate pass and car stickers.
• Ensure a congenial social environment of the society and safe living of all residents.
• Any other tasks related to security and Traffic control measures.


• One Platoon of security guards (43 Personnels )
• Communication Equipment ( Walki-Takie Sets )
• By cycles for mobile patrolling.
• Planning for adequate CC Camera arrangements for continuous surveillance of the community area.


• Guarding the main gates and patrolling the entire area of the community.
• Strengthening security measures at night.
• Assist Military Police personnel for maintaining security and traffic discipline.
• Arrange training and briefing for security guards.
• Arrange Flag Raising ceremony including Honour Guards on National Days (Victory Day and Independence Day).
• Provide Security assistance for all events of the Community ( PohelaBaishakh, National Days, Games and Sports etc.).
• Remain vigilant on the areas outside our boundary so that internal security is not threatened.
• Take account of past security breaches and crime, in order to guard against any future incidence.
• Maintain updated contact numbers and addresses of Emergency services ( Fire Brigade, Police Stations etc.).